About Me


Hi There!

I’m Abdul Hafiz, a native of the Philippines born in the Southern part region. I live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Professional Customer Service Executive. I am fluent in  Spanish, speaks Arabic, a little Urdu ( beginner), a public speaker and English communications Trainer. I was raised in the city of Zamboanga peninsula- The Asia’s Latin city before I attended the university and took the Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Diploma in Spanish as foreign language at the Instituto Cervantes de Barcelona in Spain (2012) while working.

After five years working in Business Process Outsourcing I made a decision and accepted an offer from a logistics company in Saudi Arabia. Five months after, I finally found my peace when I converted to Islam- The way of life.

I was an introvert type of guy until I started my first trip to one of the Islands of my country- The Philippines. I realized that travel is something that makes me happy whether I am alone or with my peers.

I was devoted to my job working in call center industry as a bilingual. I started as a neophyte CS agent to Language Trainer and finally moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exploring the desert and the culture of the Middle East.

Unplanned trip to Baha boarded the Saudia Airlines
Unplanned trip to Baha boarded the Saudia Airlines
Captured in Corniche,Balad Jeddah KSA in crowded people spreading the word of Islam. Alhamdulillah
Captured in Corniche,Balad Jeddah KSA in crowded people spreading the word of Islam. Alhamdulillah
Al Baha City on the 25th tunnel

Living and working in Saudi Arabia was amazing! yeah, Alhamdulillah! obviously you can’t do whatever you want because of the strict Sharia law. You know what? It is the only country that will put you in control.

I am an adventurous guy who always love different places. One of my recent accomplishments was travelling to mountains, ate Pakistani foods, Indian Masala, and visited the Holy Mecca and Al Madina.

Language Gift

Oh yeah! everyone of ’em told me that I can easily learn languages in any part of the world. I can’t do anything but to agree!

What else? I am an expat of extraordinary. I will not only focus on the places but I will bring foods to your web plate as I will travel the Kingdom with different foods brought by expatriates in every nationalities. As a traveler, I basically want to save money but I want to make sure that every one of you guys would peek the best of it.

Beyond borders. Travel with me outside Saudi! I lived and studied outside my home country and one of ’em is Spain. Watch out !