The Expat Perspective

My two year contract as an expat is about to end- but not my interest and love of this country. I met a lot of people from different nationalities, learned their cultures, and their languages. Yes, I am a polyglot turned employee however I was blessed by the people surrounded me in my everyday life. When I arrived in  Saudi Arabia, I don’t have idea what would be my luck here. I was a typical guy who doesn’t even care the future awaits for me, I will just go with the flow. But not until I appreciate what life could offer. Our world has become fragile from negative news of the media and the world that we are living controlled by lies and deceit. To tell you honestly, I was blind and victim of it. I remember when my mother told me when I was 9 year old. She repeatedly said that I will become a traveler. I didn’t asked what she meant that time, but it reminded me those words today.

Saudi Arabia is my 3rd country I lived and worked after India and Spain. I had a lot of questions in my mind before deciding to accept this opportunity. Sorry mom, I need to see the world and get out of my comfort zones. I am now called an expat- a term for a person temporarily or permanently residing as an immigrant in a country other than the citizenship. Have you ever think to do more productive than what you are normally doing? Yes, I am an expat living in Saudi Arabia but I love photography, I do attend some community based forum or volunteering. As an expat, I don’t think we should limit ourselves in this global era. Remember, you should break the stereotypes, explore places and meet people who are not your first language- this is how you see the world.


Living as an expat in Saudi Arabia has pros and cons. You are living in a country where far away different from your home state, the cultures and traditions. Not to mention the laws that we need to abide. Asking yourself why do you need to work in this country is well enough clear- the easiest way to earn money than anywhere else. More than just the financial, you also have to mind the experience that you will get, the patience that you will learn, and the value of life that we should realise.

As a travel  blogger, I love to explore and know the essence of life. Respect is the most important than science.




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