Stall Market in Saudi Arabia

As a traveler, I have been into street places in Saudi. But what makes it so different? The price is cheap. Saudi Arabia has cheap prices when it comes to commodities and foods. A fact that water is more expensive than gasoline. Water is expensive than milk- but there are no drinking water scarcity here.

I can’t resist in buying fruits and vegetables on the street. They are on the cart that vendors can easily move and place whenever they want. Are they fresh? Off course, cheap but fresh!

Well, I have to admit. I am always buying on this traditional market. I was thankful enough that I work and lives in a place where it is accessible to markets, and restaurants.

Well, my negotiation skills was effective on this type of market. Vendors do sell these perishable goods in low prices already, but you can still ask for a bargain. You can buy fruits like grapes for only SR 10.00 or USD 2.00 only for a kilo- not bad!






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