Saudi Arabia’s Best Remote Spots

Baha Road

Saudi Arabia may not have Maldives’ water temperature but in a Middle Eastern geographic location it has a lot to offer especially expats living here. To sum up, I researched nearby spots that you can go as a traveler.

I don’t need to spend a lot of money travelling here so spending is something that needs serious financial consideration.

These destinations are best accessed with your own vehicle-there is no public transportation to Al Baha, and taxi cabs are infrequent.

Baha City on view

I don’t do couch surfing in Saudi Arabia for security purposes. I may say Couch surfing is not really popular in Saudi Arabia. Since my goal is to travel forever even without so much money, I make it decide and to make it happen!


I got my best friend Khawar who has been my travel buddy wherever I go. Travelling in  Al Aqiq is more fun than sleeping in my room for the whole day.

Okay, we went to Al Aqiq which we visited  a  dam and do fishing. Al Aqiq is located in Al Baha City of Saudi Arabia where the Airport is also located.

Awesome night time view

Alright, Al Baha is a cold climate and I dare you to bring sweater and protective suits against the weather.

Bani Sar Park

Al Baha City is one of the remote spots that is usually underrated. You can also explore hidden highlands that you may not think that is existed particularly on villages. I felt there is so much history on this city, each houses has stories to tell, each silhouette has smile to show.



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