Ultimate Guide To Saudi Road Trip


I visited a lot of places in Saudi Arabia but road trip here is quite different. My first time in driving a vast desert road with no traffic let me thought of something new- It added to my experience.

I have to accept the reality- I wasn’t in the Philippines or in Spain that will make my everyday life so easy as a traveler after my 12 hour work in my company. You might hear some horror incidents but it actually happen anywhere in the world not only in Saudi Arabia. I traveled by car in approximately 5 hours going to Al Baha City  or Abha City for 10 hours.


When travelling by car whether alone on roads for hours, here are some important tips that I can give:

  • No Driving License Don’t Drive. This is the basic rule you have to remember when you are driving alone. Make sure you have a license with you before exploring the road in Saudi Arabia. What would be the punishment for perpetrators? You will be put on jail in your life.
  • Gas up Your Vehicle. Number 1 is important but this 2nd tip will definitely save you from being a zombie in the road where you will get stuck with camels if you are out of gasoline. I saw a lot of gasoline stations when I traveled down the road here, I also mentioned in my previous blog about  seeing ATMs in every these stations where you can withdraw money when you need it


  • Bring your Resident Card. Now, you got your driving license but never forget your resident card. Both are important because these can save you from any troubles since Saudi Arabia have strict implementation when it comes to illegal residency


  • Bring Instant Foods. During my first road trip, I remember buying a a lot of foods but I never had a chance to eat them all. Only bring water(must) and some breads to eat when your stomach will complain. No need to bring tons of foodies because you can stop over to a restaurant where you can eat sumptuous dishes and drinks

I had a wonderful experience when I traveled the road of Saudi. As a blogger, I did not wasted my time in taking pictures whether in mountains or in Sahara.




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