The Best Tour in Abha, Saudi Arabia

Al Soodha Mountain-The highest peak in Saudi I’ve ever seen

Have you ever heard about Abha City? If not, you must go on this beautiful city of Saudi Arabia. Expats living in this country can definitely visit any time but for travelers outside the kingdom I doubt it would be easier for you to visit this place unless you have your immediate family working here due to Saudi laws when it comes to visas. Saudi Arabia doesn’t provide tourist visa.

My 1 day tour in Abha City was obviously unplanned. This time, I took a plane using my travel miles of the airline company.

I met one of my friends named Ibrar, who was very kind to information about the city. It was my first time meeting him personally but I never felt uncomfortable. He was funny despite of some language barrier we had, he speaks deep Urdu which obviously I can’t comprehend some of the words. It was a shower conversation between us, I spoke mixed Arabic-English-Urdu, he answered in Arabic-Urdu-English.

I arrived in Abha City at around 12 midnight, I took a taxi from the airport after a negotiable fare from the driver that finally I was able to pay 50 Saudi Riyals or USD 13 to reached my friend’s apartment near the Military camp of the city.

Here is Ibrar and me :

12242691_886725934758010_806657897_o - Copy

The next morning, Ibrar and I prepared to go in Masjid for prayer next to his apartment.

Here are the things we did during my visit in Abha City:

  1. We went to Al Soodha which is located in Sirwat mountains, west of Abha city 3000 meters above sea level and 30 minutes from the airport. Here is the video I took:
Al Sooda
Al Sooda, Abha City

Zero visibility

12250208_886725958091341_1089604266_o - Copy - Copy





2. Went to the hidden streets of Khamis Mushayt- the city of east Abha. It was like 3 countries were put together in one city. I have seen a lot of Philippines, Pakistan and India expats around the city and the streets of Khamis Mushayt.

12269057_886725924758011_1789235300_o - Copy - Copy - Copy

12295009_889127994517804_1769805219_o - Copy


3. Went to Pakistani Restaurant. Well, restaurants are everywhere in Khamis Mushayt, however we went to one hidden place where it was not easy to find- bunch of Pakistanis restaurant in one floor.

12271382_889128037851133_924237203_o - Copy - Copy



4. Sat on the public park. One of the places that I want to stay if I am a neophyte to a place is the public park.

12287345_889128071184463_1673700294_o - Copy

It was great visiting these places in Abha City. These are one of the places that I will not forget! And I highly recommend you must visit the magnificent city of Abha City.














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