Why I love Shawarma: The Real Taste

Shawarma at Turskish Restaurant

Shawarma or Shawurma is an Arabic food that is made of meat preparation where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef or mixed meats  are placed in a spit commonly in vertical one. My home country has also another way of preparing Shawarma but I was totally shocked when it is more delicious here compared to any other country.

I went to a Turkish restaurant not only once to deeply savor my taste buds so I could share  my review. The restaurant isn’t a luxury as what you think. In fact, it looks like fast food on the go, fall in line to the counter and order. This time I tried chicken with mixed potato fries, cucumber, with toppings of pickled turnips and garlic mayonnaise.

“Shawa” means cooking meat, and Turkish word “cevermi” which means turning. The price is USD 1.60 or SAR 6 in local currency for the big one while the small Shawarma cost in about USD 1 or SAR 4 .

Big Shawarma wrapped in a foil

The meat was grilled in a turning spit until it gets well cooked in brownish color. After 5 minutes my order was called and I can smell the meat absorbed by different mixed veggies and other condiments. Shawarma has a lot of calories that can suffice energy but eating it everyday will definitely gives you a weight that you can never imagine (You know what I mean). Jeddah has a lot of good restaurants to count on, different versions but uniquely cooked to satisfy the expats out there like me.

Shawarma at Turskish Restaurant


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