Fishing on the Red Sea in the Kingdom: Thank God It’s Friday!

Clean water of the sea
Clean water of the sea

When we say Saudi Arabia, it does not only means deserts and camels. It is true that you will find vast deserts in the country however it has waters and amazing forest that we can enjoy. I work and lives in the city of Jeddah municipality which is under the province of Makkah, in here I learned a lot of like managing my time while working and at the same time I do enjoy myself by sight seeing.

Well, this time I went to a place where every one knows if you are an expat living in the majestic city of Jeddah.

It was not the first time that I went here. The only difference is that I went alone without any preparation after the prayer. I took a taxi cab for  USD 4 or at around 15 Saudi Riyals. Red Sea is an extension or inlet of the Indian ocean located between Africa and Asia or the entrance to the sea in the south is through the Gulf of Aden.


The Red Sea in the Kingdom is definitely one of the places that you should visit. You can do sight seeing and do a picnic with your family and friends, and the best one of them is catch a fish! Oops but not using your hand or nets but the most common thing is the fishing tackle. Government of Jeddah is doing their efforts to maintain the cleanliness of the sea even a lot of business are sprouting side of the sea.

Fishing on the Red Sea
Fishing on the Red Sea

Now,  I interviewed some Filipino fishermen on this bay. According to them fishing is something that they do every week after a long day of work.


I spent 2 hours enjoying the fresh air breeze of this sea.


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