Staying Safe in Saudi Arabia: Tips for Expatriates


Well, for those expats who are hard workers who stays late for rendering over time, planning to go for an outing alone, these are the points that you need to remember when going home.

Saudi Arabia is home to millions of expats from across the globe. Expatriates seems to be the victims of lawless elements too like thieves and other abuses. My stay for almost a year and a half in the kingdom has been fruitful, vibrant and extra ordinary because I do extra careful every time I go anywhere else at any time. Honestly speaking, I had negative thoughts before I decided to grab the opportunity that was offered to me. I even heard a lot of feed backs from naysayers that this country isn’t for me! Well, they were wrong and their statement is unfair.

Jeez, I will tell you what? It’s a matter of allowing yourself see the world by exploring something new!

When Going Home and Going Somewhere. I always stay vigilant on my surroundings and people I met but never act like a James Bond ! Relax and stay calm but you need to at least  send SMS to your friends or co workers if you are not familiar to the place that you want to go. Remember, asking questions to the locals will help you a lot from depending it from Google.

Always Make Copies of Passport or IQAMA. IQAMA is called for resident card. It is a primary identification used in Saudi and this will serves as your legit proof that you are a legal resident of the kingdom. Well, the reason why you need to make photo copies of your IQAMA or passport is that whenever these original identification will be lost or stolen from you, it wouyld be easier for you to report it to police or to your employer. You may call 999 using the Saudi mobile carrier.

I heard a lot of incidents happened in my place here in Jeddah. I even had a co worker who was about to attack by a 10 year old boy while walking in the dark street going to his apartment in Al Mahajr road in Jeddah. Yes, you read it right- a young boy!

Use Your Common Sense. You know what I mean, If you are not familiar with places, you need to at least use your common sense. You would probably be an observer  and limit the talks to someone especially strangers. I am not saying you don’t have to be friendly but at least if you still have other options to ask. If you are riding a taxi cab be sure to stay at the back seat if you are a girl- this is because the segregation of the sexes in the kingdom is strictly implemented. Most of the taxi drivers are Pakistanis, some of them can speak average English that is easy to communicate especially if you are a new.

Go with Friends. I am sure you will be seeking new circle of friends and go out with them during holidays. Is it more happier than ever if you will be with them as a group if you are a neophyte in Saudi Arabia. This actually works for me every time I am new to a particular place that I want to go. The next time around I can definitely go in my own as an experience!

Safe Banking. I was able to enjoy free and easy access to my bank. One thing you will observe is that in every Gasoline stations you will see ATM machines.


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