The Precious City of Al Baha- Kingdom’s Prime Tourist Destination

Al Baha City– lies in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, nestled between the resorts of Mecca and Abha. At first, I was curious what Al Baha city aside from its name. I took an unplanned visit to my best friend Khawar, who is also working in one of our offices of the company. It was my 4th visit  but this time I took a road trip approximately 700 kilometers away from the city of Jeddah.I left Jeddah at 12 o midnight with my Pakistani friend and a driver.

To give you a brief description about it’s geographic information:

  • The province is known for its beauty and has green forest, a wildlife sanctuary, valleys and mountains
  • Popular tourist destinations are Raghdan, Ghomsan, Fayk, and Aljabal
  • It has a total of 53 forest
  • Homeland of the Ghamid and Zahran tribes
  • Baljurashi-the largest city in the province
  • The province comprises 13 administrative centres with population of more than 500,000

At around 5:30 in the morning we reached Qunfuda until we are on our way to the first tunnel and I was on awe while entering the cool place. It was a refreshing experience since I have been working from a busiest city in the Kingdom. The Saudi government made an impressive architectural design and engineered with strong foundation to allow the tourist and trailers pass by without any hesitation while enjoying the view of the mountains.

The 25th Tunnel
The 25th Tunnel
The view
The view

Now, who have thought that Saudi Arabia has a place of beautiful and coolest city like Al Baha? Well the mountain has no trees to look for. Unlike any other country, mountains may have full of verdant trees and wild life, Al Baha is strategically located in a high area which makes it a cool place and perfect for vacation. I spent nearly 5 hours to reach the city with one stop over for eating and praying.

I can feel the cool air touches my skin and my inhale problems came in. The oxygen is low so I was breathing to fast than a usual.


Foggy street of the city
Foggy street of the city

I finally arrived to my best friend’s room and slept to regain the strength from hours of travel. I need to get up before 12 noon for Jumaa prayer or Friday prayer obligation to solely thank Allah for everything.

Masjid at Miqwa
Masjid at Miqwa

I suggest everyone to have a car if you want to visit a lot of places in Baha. It would be hard when it comes to transportation because Taxis and private cars are not visible here unlike some cities.

My best of friends Khawar in one of the public parks of Baha City.
My best of friends Khawar in one of the public parks of Baha City.

Speak Arabic. Most of the locals will not speak English, if you dare you will end up on frustrations. I even tried to speak English but I got a simple nod. So, I used my Arabic communication skills in my entire visit to the city.


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