The Indian Food: Spice Up Your Taste Buds

Indian Food at Al Alameen in Gholeil, Mahajr
Indian Food at Al Alameen in Gholeil, Mahajr

Working in Saudi Arabia is more than a usual. As an expatriate, I came to know some of the delicious foods that Indian eat.

I was lucky because a lot of Indian restaurants are within the area of my room. What really makes an Indian food famous? I started to devour and scouted some of the familiar restaurants or “Hotels” ¬†around the corner- and I found it in Sharafiya. Sharifiya is a little crowded business center located in Jeddah. It is called “The Indian and Pakistani” town because of numerous restaurants and stores compressed in one place that is easy to find. I was with my co worker Fahad Mustafa, we walked under the heat of the sun and people bumped against us like a typical Mumbai market. We finally got a restaurant and ordered minimal food to eat (What I need that time is water). The restaurant staff gave us what Fahad ordered which is a spicy chicken curry with wheat bread to dip on. It was damn great to taste and I couldn’t hide my love to this food!

The Price

We paid at around 15 Saudi Riyals in total but it was worthy enough to eat a food like this. You can also check out other restaurants that offers cheap price(If any) so you can save money.

TIPS in going in there?

Well, Sharifiya is a crowded place so I would suggest that you must go with someone knowledgeable about the area like I did. If you want to go solo, you can but make sure you have to research about the place first, it could be asking questions from your friends about the place.

Dine around the corner.. You might not know some restaurants out there that is near and offers good foods to eat. Try to walk down the street and talk to them about Indian foods you want to eat unless you are not shy to ask.


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